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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing sessions are held at the church on Friday Afternoons, registration for healing is 14:00, and Saturday Morning 9:30 - 10:30 AM. Anyone is welcome to attend the sessions and we will be pleased to see you whenever you come.

Add names to our Healing book here.

Healing Dates 2023

After Amanda Honeys circle
14:15-15:00 (All welcome)


            August 12th and 26th

            Sept 9th and 23rd

            Oct 7th

            Nov 4th

            Dec 2nd and 16th

You are welcome to bring pets for healing on Saturday mornings.

9:30-10:30 am
Spiritual Healing

Spirit uses Healers as a means of channelling their higher energies through to a patient. It is not just in the act of laying on of hands that Healing is transmitted. Distant and Absent Healing are also ways of Healing being given to a patient- which can by the way, be animal, vegetable or mineral.

Contact Healing is when the Healer will place their hands, with your permission, somewhere on your body.

Distant Healing is when the Healer is in the same room as you, but not close to you.

Absent Healing is when you and Healer are in different locations.

You can rest assured that all our Healers are Approved by the S.N.U or are currently training towards reaching the status of being Approved. We all work within the Healing Code of Conduct which ensures the highest standards are implemented.

We can't promise you a cure, but I can promise that Spiritual Healing always works. It may not work in the way you want or expect it to work, as it is not allowed to change the Natural Law and Order of Life.

It cannot replace limbs that have been removed, but it can replace the anger, frustration and inner turmoil that have been caused by that removal.

Very often people are drawn to Spiritual Healing as a “last hope” and it is that “hope” that allows them to be opened to the beliefs of Spiritualism, but you don't have to believe to benefit from Healing.

We cannot say that Healing will cure all ailments but so often miracles occur and that is just what happens. By working from within, the Healing influences can then affect the physical body, easing the pain and discomfort, which makes the patient’s life easier.

There are so many people who have made a full recovery after receiving Healing, there are so many who haven’t, but  ALL have had the Healing that was right for them. As I said in the beginning Healing cannot change the Natural Law and Order of Life, but it can help with the acceptance of it.

Sending you love and healing thoughts ,

The Healing team

Following prayers at the church we take a few moments to send healing thoughts to the people and animals listed in our healing books.  You can add names to the paper book next time you are in church or add names to the digital book here. 

Your details will be used by the Church to reply to you (only if required).  Please see our full Privacy Notice here

Add a loved one to our healing book

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