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Kings Heath National Spiritualist Church 

We have been established since the early 1940's. The current church which is affiliated to SNU, has been in operation since 1968 and became a registered charity in 2015.  

​We pride ourselves in operating in the true tradition of Spiritualism and offer a warm welcome to all visitors, new and old. 

Names can be added to our healing book on the Healing Page here

Hi everyone,

As you know Church Committee have been considering for sometime how we can re-open Church whilst following National guidelines re the Pandemic. We never thought that we would have to close the doors for so long!

We’re now in a position to begin with Divine Services only wef Sunday 16th May at 6.30 pm. However, we will need to limit numbers to ensure that we are following guidance….. so if you want to attend please text 07375971475. Please do not attend if you have not received confirmation by the end of Saturday 15th May as we do not wish to refuse people entry – but because of Covid rules we can only offer restricted numbers at this time because of the floor size. Our mediums for this first Service will be Yvonne Walker and Denise Cutting. If you do get a place please remember to bring your own face coverings, water and tissues. We are unable to provide refreshments after the service

Church members have already received a letter setting out ways of paying membership fees. If you have not received your letter yet, please text the above number to let us know, or you could email We are planning to hold our AGM on Sunday 27th June, and you will need to have paid your membership fees by then to be able to attend.

At the moment we are unable to hold Healing Services on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Nor can we hold development circles for the time being.

This may all change in the future as the Government extends its “Roadmap”, but for the time being, we are sure you will understand that your Committee wishes to keep everyone safe, and to be able to re-open on a phased basis.

We are looking forward to re-opening the doors (even if on a limited basis at the moment), and to welcoming you back over a period of time.


Our love and best wishes to you all.

Kings Heath Church Committee

You can still add names to our Healing book
Upcoming Services


6:30 PM

Divine Sunday Service


16th - Denise Cutting and Yvonne Walker

23rd - Lynne Murray CSNU

30th - Scott Lornie and Denise McNulty


6th - Ann Laird and Sonia Horton

13th - Heather Haywood

20th - Jean Kelford and Chris Beech

27th - Minister David Bruton

We have set up an account on  If you select the church as your elected charity, anything you purchase from will proide a small donation from Amazon at no cost to you.

Spiritual Healing

All our Healers are Approved by the S.N.U (or are in training).  By working from within, the Healing influences can affect the physical body, easing pain and discomfort.

Divine Services and Demonstrations

The demonstrations and Services which are held weekly are open to all and are supported by recognised speakers and demonstrators from the UK and Internationally.

Spiritual Development

Weekly spiritual development circles are held to further the understanding of spiritualism.  People of all abilities are welcome to attend the open circles.


If you are new to Spiritualism, you may want to try our Lyceum first.

Pranayama Yoga

Yoga combines gentle, yet effective breathing, physical and mental exercises to help achieve health, vitality, peace and harmony.

Special Events

Nights of mediumship, workshops, Quiz nights, dinners and more.


Kings Heath National Spritualist Church
​5 Springfield Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7DT